win 7 professional 16 bit

I can’t for the life of me record a file. I put one on and recording cursor starts at the end of file

Exactly what are you trying to do?

If you already have an existing audio file “open” it, don’t record it.

If you are trying to record, what are you trying to record? …The microphone built-into your laptop? From a USB turntable? Streaming audio? Etc.???

win 7 professional 16 bit

64-bit? What version of Audacity?

Thanks for the replys 32 bit I don’t know where I came up with 16 (tired)
I’m using the latest 2.2.1 Audacity.
Perhaps I am trying to hard.
I am going with my computer for sound play back and record, no voice.
I am trying to overlay tracks crossfade, I was trying to get a few on the Audacity Screen if you will
and thought I had to record them. I also get no sound recording, (I guess I am not recording.)
When I press record the monitoring application disappears.
I appreciate your replys