Win 11 using v3.13 Syncing click track to existing music track


I’ve seen many tutorials on adding a click track but can’t find one showing me how to sync a click track over an existing music track.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



That’s not how click tracks are used.

The idea of a click track is that you create the click track first, then record your live instruments / vocals, using the click track as a guide.

To sync a click track to an existing audio track is tricky. First you need to ensure that you generate a click track at exactly the correct tempo (which assumes that the audio track has exactly the same tempo throughout), then you have to manually line up the two tracks by dragging one of them left / right as necessary.

As Steve says, “To sync a click track to an existing audio track is tricky”

I’ve had some success by first manually creating labels at every beat, then trying to create (and sync) a click track to match the labels.

To create labels, listen to the entire piece, hitting Ctrl+M at every beat. It is best to first practice for about 15 seconds, then undo and start again.

Thank you all. I will try the manual route. thanks again for responding