Will Psycho Toolkit by Clone Ensemble work on Audacity 2.3.1

I’m still learning about Audacity and DAW’s in general. I’ve successfully added a few plugins, but I got burned when I spent money on a Waves Plugin that doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me if this product works with Audacity? https://www.kvraudio.com/product/psycho_toolkit_by_clone_ensemble
Thanks in advance!

[u]Plugin Compatibility[/u]

Audacity is a free audio multitrack production app. From version 1.3.8 onwards, you should be able to run the VST versions of my plugins in full GUI mode.

For earlier versions, you need to download and install the “VST Bridge” in order to run the VST versions. However, you will only be able to use a “default” interface, with generic sliders provided by Audacity rather than the graphical interface with knobs that most users see.

The recent Waves plugins are 64-bit so are currently not going to work on Audacity on Windows.
Old Waves 32-bit plugis may work in Audcaity, I think waves do a fully-functional but time-limited (7 days?) free demo versions.

The Clone Ensemble plugins have a crippled demo mode, so you can try before you buy, with limited features, but without a time-limit.

[ I have a demo-version of their Alien Solo which works in Audacity in Windows ]

Thank you!