will not record using latest sound flower

10.13.6, 2.3.0
I have set output and input to soundflower 2 ch, and they are set in os prefs to not limit, Audacity shows bars that indicates not limiting. I record from Youtube by clicking pause then record (this is weird), the window shows a running cursor over a blue bar that is wide with a little modulation on top, after five minutes I stop, the app file and the data folder show up, but there is no audio. In addition when I save the project the name of the last project shows up and has to be deleted and new name typed, this is ridiculous, it’s a new file. Also, I have followed the directions and downloaded and installed the mp3 export lib and the m4a lib, but they are nowhere to be found. I quit Audacity and opened again and Prefs can’t find them. In the forum one poster said Soundflower does not work in High Sierra and to use iShowU. Is this the problem? There is no indication anywhere else that the latest Soundflower (four years old) will not work. If you can not use Audacity to record YouTube in High Sierra, or you can’t export to mp3 or m4a, I am going to delete it as useless. Google says use Audacity, but everything you get from Google is outdated, the online YouTube recording app garbles the sound, commercial apps are a hundred bucks, no f way I pay that, someone please tell me whether you can actually use Audacity to record Youtube audio, I don’t presently believe it, I have tried three times with the previous version, and three times with 2.3.0, no audio.

There is no “latest sound flower”. Soundflower has been obsolete for several years.

Alternative software does exist. See https://alternativeto.net/software/soundflower/?platform=mac
Please note that these are third party apps. For support with these apps you should refer to their help channels.

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