will not record stereo [SOLVED]

I cannot record stereo. When monitoring the input I can hear stereo but stereo left and right VU meters are in exact sync and when I play back it’s on mono, i.e. both tracks are the same. Worked okay before I upgraded to 2.12.

  • Winodws 7 pro
  • AUDACITY 2.12
  • USB input via Yamaha audiogram 6
  • when monitoring a stereo LP (source) through the audio interface phone jack, I can hear it’s stereo, but Audacity records both tracks the same.
  • Audacity plays back multiple mono tracks to left or right okay, as designed.

Not sure what to do next. Any ideas very much appreciated.

Please look in “Help > About Audacity”. If it says “2.12”, then it is fake. The current version of Audacity is 2.1.1

When you have obtained Audacity from us at http://audacityteam.org/download/windows, go into Windows Sound, “Recording” tab, and make sure the Yamaha is set to stereo Default Format. Please see How can I record in stereo?.


Gale, thanks, I will check that out.
Steve, my error, my Audacity is 2.1.1

I went to windows sound, recording tab. Default is “Microphone, USB Audio CODEC, Default Device”.

Microphone, USB Audio CODEC, Default Device

Windows thinks it’s a mono microphone?

Did you follow the instructions you were already given? If not, click this blue link. In the page that appears in your web browser, look in the green box and carry those steps out.

So, right-click over the USB Audio Codec that relates to the Yamaha (it may be called “Microphone” even thought it isn’t). Choose “Properties”, then click the “Advanced” tab. In the “Default Format” section, make sure the dropdown menu is set to a “2 channel” choice.

Then restart Audacity.


Thank you so much!!
I changed it to 2 channel as you said and it now works okay.