Will not record-probably a setting I've hit, but I can't get it back to default

I’ve been using Audacity for years with no issues. Today, I’m working on a project, and can’t get it to record. I have seemed to hit a setting somewhere that I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to get it back to default settings. I’ve reinstalled it twice to different versions, and it keeps coming up with the same issue. When I try to record, the green triangle at the far left turns red and there is a similar red triangle at the start point of the timeline that indicates some kind of loop. I’m lost and run out of ideas! I need to get this back SOON!

Could be you are using WASAPI as the Audio host:
it will not start recording until it hears some sound

Soon after I posted, I corrected the problem, simply by turning off my Mackie mixer, turning it back on, then restarting my computer. After reloading Audacity, it came up and operated as it always had. Yea! I didn’t think about rebooting the mixer…I should have done that hours ago! Thanks, everyone!

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