Why tracks audio overlap

I divided up a long audio file into multiple tracks by File–>Export–>Export Multiple. I don’t understand why the audio overlaps? I placed the tracks carefully in breaking points. When it transitions into another track, you hear the ending of the previous track, along with the next track at the same time. This, of course, is very annoying. I am wondering what I have done wrong in dividing up mp3 files into multiple tracks. I want to just smoothly transition into the next track.

Windows 7 and Audacity 3.05

Are you using a different program for the playback?
I mean, after exporting, you get those independent files you are talking about; I’m wondering if your playing software is cross fading the songs.
AIMP does it unless you touch its setting so it to quit doing it.

Did you do Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End-to-End ? Did you post a screenshot of your tracks ?

Ivalogic solved it. My player (MediaMonkey) is crossfading. I disabled Crossfading in playback rules. I noticed when I played the audio in VLC, it didn’t crossfade. Thanks