Why The Macro "mp3 conversion" includes Normalize ?


I’m new in this forum, I use Audacity 3.0.4 on windows 7 64bits.

I searched EVERYWHERE, and impossible to find any clue about the following question:

I want to convert a lot of FLAC to MP3 . In older versions of Audacity I created a macro just choosing the option “export as MP3”. But in the newer versions, there is already a macro called MP3 Conversion, but this version includes a normalisation with these details :
Apply gain=1 PeakLevel=-1 RemoveDCOffset=1 and StereoIndependent=0

My question is simple : I have a lot of FLACs to convert, should I do like before, just export them in MP3 (VBR 220-260kpbs) creating my macro, OR using the existing macro including this normalisation ?

What is the best to keep a maximum of quality ? (I’m conscient it is not lossless)

Thanks in advance, and sorry, english is not my native language

If you are happy with how the FLAC files are, then you can just export them as MP3.

If some of the files are too quiet, and you want to amplify them before conversion, then you could use the macro that is included in Audacity - that will amplify each file to a peak level of -1 dB (just a little below full track height) before exporting.

Clear answer, I will do that because yes my FLACs are fine and not too quiet.

Thank you very much for this answer and for your activity on this forum

Audacity gives you the option to create a new macro, and name it as you wish. You can add - edit - move many actions in your created macro.

However for some reason when a macro is created that exports as an mp3, you can’t edit the mp3 quality and other settings within the macro dialogue box. This is the same for the preferences dialogue box as well. Nowhere to set the mp3 export settings.

If anyone on this forum knows how - please post and expand my knowledge.

The only work-around is to drag a flac into Audacity, export as mp3 then choose your settings and export. These settings will be used when you next use the macro.


I always thought what you call a “work-around” is the standard behavior of Audacity…

Try this macro:
MP3 Extreme.txt (150 Bytes)

I’ve downloaded it, and ran it, but I cant find a way to adjust/edit the quality settings of the mp3, within the dialogue box.

JayinHUN said they wanted VBR 220-260kpbs MP3. If I’ve got it right, that’s what the macro that I posted will do. Does it work for you?
(Note that with VBR settings, the actual bit rate may be a bit higher or lower than specified.)

I knew Macros couldn’t do decisions and branching, but I didn’t know you couldn’t set MP3 Export settings like you can with other tools. Writing that down.


That’s always been the case, even in the old “Chains”, though the old Chains did provide a couple of low bit-rate presets.
Unless you override the Preferences (as the macro that I posted does), then ExportMp3: uses the last used settings.
(I’ve logged this limitation / feature request here: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/1621)

No, didn’t work. It used the last export settings, which is smallest file - variable.
Its no big deal for me on a personal level, because the I use export multiple.

Audacity reigns supreme, if, like myself one uses it to do voice messages to family and friends abroad. ctrl A highlights every track (sometimes 19 - 20) and any function (such as compressor) will be applied to every track.

Whoever in the Audacity team thought that up, got it very, very right.

Was that on Windows 10 with Audacity 3.0.4?
(I’ve not yet tested on Windows, but I expected it to work the same as other platforms).

It was Its no big deal. Thanks for your help.

I’ve now tested on Windows 10 with the current Audacity 3.0.4, and the MP3 Extreme.txt macro works as expected.
The encoder settings that I see in the exported MP3 file are:

Encoding settings                        : -m j -V 2 -q 0 -lowpass 18.5 --vbr-new -b 32

(Tested here: https://mediaarea.net/MediaInfoOnline)