Why my recording sounds like a cartoon

I am setting up my recording setup and have a USB microphone plugged into my PC. I am recording a preview clip and the voice sounds like a cartoon when I play it back, nothing near my voice at all. Does anyone have any ideas what my issues might be?

Make sure Windows “ehhancements” are turned OFF.

…Sometimes Windows tries to improve communications with automatic volume control an noise reduction and it can foul things up if you’re trying to make a high-quality recording.

chipmunk ?

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yes exactly. it is fast and high-pitched and sounds like a chipmunk for sure. any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

most likely due to recording in the wrong bitrate/sampling rates

i had this same problem when recording with my zoom h1 mic as a usb interface, as when the rate was set at the 44khz I was a chipmunk , and problem was fixed when recording at 48khz/16bit

hope that helps

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