Why is my Side One track interfering and overlapping Side Two?

I’ve searched for previous topics on this and don’t know if any of them apply to this issue. I copied a perfectly good vinyl rip from one computer to another, however, when I opened it on my other computer the “Side Two” track did not start at the beginning of that track. When I select “Side Two” it shows that it is obscured by the “Side One” track and the part that is obscured is inaccessible to me. Why is this happening on one computer and not the other? Maybe there is a Preference issue I can’t seem to resolve? Does this happen on other “rips?” Yes. Please help. Please be kind. See attachment.

So, no one knows what I’m talking about?

I think I understand what you’re talking about but I have no clue how it happened.

Is it still good on the 1st computer?

Do you see 4 waves on the “good computer” and do the two stereo pairs appear at the same time, or one after the other?

Did you copy-over WAV files or an Audacity project?

If you still have a good copy you should be able to select and export each side separately as separate WAV files, or there may be other ways to prevent it from happening.

Worst case, you can re-record one side at a time, export as WAV, and delete from your project before recording the 2nd side. …Usually I’ll make separate files, then join them together for noise reduction & EQ, etc., all at once, and then split them into individual songs.

Interesting responses, but I’m not sure who you’re responding to. In my post, I was asking about why the two tracks are overlapping and how they can be un-overlapped. It’s pretty much a Preferences issue, probably, but I don’t see where that setting resides.

I’ve never heard of a needle being able to pick up the sound from the other side of a record! Maybe one of those thin floppy records that you could get in a magazine? Then again, I think most of those were one-sided.

Given the characteristics of most (if not all) of your responses on other threads, is this generated by AI?

Let’s try again. Please look at the picture I posted. The screenshot shows my Audacity interface, displaying two tracks, or two sides of my record. Please note that track one is overlapping track two, so when I play track two it starts a third of the way into the second track, not at the beginning of track two. What I need to accomplish is to butt those two tracks together, not overlap them. This is an interface problem. I’m asking where the adjustments are for butting them together.

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