Why is my input recording volume too low?

How do you do that

Very well, thank you.

Do you have a vent fan, air conditioner, computer fan or some other motor or fan in the room with you? There is what I think is a fan hummmmm in the background. Also maybe compact fluorescent bulb? I can get rid of it in post production, but it would be better if I didn’t have to do that.

Anyway. We need to get into the weeds a little on this. Effect > Equalizer is doing two different jobs in your show. First job is the crisp suppressor and the next job is rumble (thunder) suppressor. Unfortunately, you have to change the tool between the two jobs. You can’t just run it once and say OK.

This is the software for the crisp suppressor. You have to install it into the Equalizer tool. Copy this to your machine. I’ll get to it.

BetsyAndTacy.XML (454 Bytes)
I used Effect > Notch Filter which can attack one single hum tone and I used that to get rid of your fan noise. That’s the one it would be good if I didn’t need.

I then used Mastering 4 just as it was designed…

…and your clip passes ACX and sounds exactly like you.

Because I’m obsessive, I applied very gentle noise reduction.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 11.02.29.png
If that’s OK, I’ll post back with the details on all these tools. Note that if you find that fan or noisemaker, you don’t need the notch filter. You don’t actually Need Noise Reduction to pass, but it sounds a bit better with it.