Why doesn't Audacity recognise its own files?

Dear Anyone.

I’ve associated Audacity files (.AUP) with Audacity. When I double-click on one Audacity starts opening - then says it doesn’t recognise the file format and wants me to install FFMPEG, which is already happily living where Audacity wants it to be (I’ve checked!)

Never come across this rather wonderful bug in anything else - why doesn’t Audacity recognise the files it’s created? Surely that’s GOTTA be one of the King Bugs of All Time! How on earth are you supposed to reopen a project, or are projects only one-shots unless you buy a copy of the program or something?

Yours from Chris, who’ll probably recognise this post he’s created when answers turn up!

That’a dangerous. In older Audacity versions (2.4.2) you should associate an .aup data manager file and a _data folder with an Audacity Project. Both the folder and the .aup file need to exist, have the same name, and be in the same location or folder for a show to open.

People used to futz this up constantly which is why newer version 3 Audacity uses a single aup3 file for a Project.


Dear Koz.

Er - Word files open with Word if you click on them. .RTF’s open with Wordpad perfectly happily (could go on but I’ll stop at 2!)

Of all the loads of files I’ve got that happily open into the program that created them when double-clicked, why’s it ‘dangerous’ to let Audacity open its own files? It created them, why can’t it open them, or not be allowed to open them?

Yours puzzledly,


It’s not dangerous for Audacity to open them, your question at the top of the thread is dangerous.

This is where you tell us you have all the conditions necessary for a Version 2 Project. Do you?

Or is your post just a compliant that Audacity 2 doesn’t have a single, stand-alone file format that Audacity 3 now does?


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