Why does the play jump to the start of the song?

I’m a newbie to Audacity and I’m finding it very frustrating.

If I can figure out how to use it, it will save me money but I don’t find it instinctual. I want to edit Dj songs which should be fairly straight forward but when I’m listening to a song it get about 36bars in and jumps back to the beginning of the song. Can anyone tell me why and how I can stop it?

Thanks in advance

To “Pause” playback, press “P” or click the Pause button.

To “Stop” playback at the current play position, press the “X” key (Hint: “x marks the spot”)

Thanks Steve

Any idea why it jumps back though? It’s kind frustrating as it’s just before where I’d like to split the song.

Thanks Clare

It depends how you look at it. The way I look at it, it doesn’t jump :wink:

When you click on a track (on the waveform), you will see a thin black vertical line appear at the point where you clicked. That is the “play from” position. When you press “Play”, playback starts from that line.

Pressing “Stop” (or “spacebar”) does NOT change the “play from” position. Each time you start play, it starts from that place until you change the play from position. This is insanely useful when you need to listen to the same part several times. It also ties in with Audacity’s concept of a “Selection”, where the “play from” position is the start of the selection.

Pressing “X” to stop playback, stops the play back and moves the “play from” position to the current “play position” (the place that playback had reached when you pressed “X”).

AAAAHHHHHH! That’s an amazing explanation Steve, thank you.

It’s going to take some getting used to but I’ve just managed to create one edit. I suppose in time it’ll be second nature. Thanks again.


You can toggle auto-scrolling on/off by clicking the “Transport” menu and selecting “Auto-scroll” or using the shortcut key (Ctrl + L on Windows, Command + L on Mac).

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