Why does my exported MP3 have low volume?

Hi,I am new here.
Yes I copied and pasted that subject line.
I have search this forum and online google for about 2 days with no luck.
I am using version 2.3.2 and can record music from youtube no problem.
I export them as mp3 256 kbps or 320 kbps no problem.
The mp3 files playback fine on my computer.
I transfer the mp3 files to my edge7 android and the volume is way too low.
I have lots of mp3 music from my cd`s ripped to computer and transferred no problem.
Anybody see what I am doing wrong?

That would suggest that there’s no problem with the files.

Do you have any other MP3 files that you can test on that device?

This is just one problem file, and its also a file you recorded from YouTube?

I’m going to guess That the left & right channels are out-of-phase (one channel is inverted) which makes them cancel (or partially out-of-phase which will make the audio partially cancel) when played in mono. Sometimes that’s done to create a “stereo widening” effect (which screws-up mono playback) or sometimes it’s some kind of recording error.

You may be able to fix that, or the “fix” may cause other problems.

Click the little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform display. Click Split Stereo Track. (That will allow you to edit/process the left & right channels separately.)

Select all of the audio of one channel (it doesn’t matter which channel).

Then, Effect → Invert. Then export as usual and try it on your Android device.

the left & right channels are out-of-phase

That’s my guess. The song seems to play perfectly on any stereo (two speakers or headphones) but falls over on a mono (one speaker) system such as a cellphone.


Thank you for those suggestions,I will try inverting one channel and get back later.