Why does Audacity show no clipping but N-Track shows +5dB clipping?

Why does cliiping show in N track and not Audacity?

I’ve never heard of n-Track…

If your peaks go to +5dB Audacity WILL show (potential) clipping IF it’s configured to show clipping.

It uses slightly different algorithms for “Show Clipping” and “Find Clipping” both will indicate clipping if you go over 0dB.

What’s the format?

Regular (integer) WAV files can’t go over 0dB and they will clip if you try to go over. If you have a format that can go over 0dB (like 32-bit float) it’s probably not clipped, but Audacity will “show clipping” for potential clipping.

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Clipping is a fun ride. As above, WAV files can’t go over 0dB, so detectors have to work in the subjunctive. The waveform would have gone over had it really wanted to.

It’s not likely, but perfectly possible to have a correct, desirable musical note whose waveform goes exactly up to 0dB. Is that clipping? No, but it might drive clipping detectors nuts.

Also as above Audacity doesn’t overload internally. That 32-floating thing (unless you turn it off) guarantees you can apply effects, filters, processes, and corrections without damaging anything. You, personally, do have to be sure that your exported show conforms to the export format. One good way to do that is Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render to a New Track. And then carefully inspect that one track by itself. That should reflect what’s going to happen out there in the real world.

It is not recommended that peaks in your show approach 0dB, at all, ever. There are too many things that can go wrong up there. They’re not magic, either. The conversion to MP3 can cause intentional wave distortions.


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I think I figure out what it was. I’m fairly new to Music Production, so I completely forgot that N-Track had the Pan Law function to choose between: Legacy, Constant Power and Linear. The default option was causing the song to clip. I just haven’t figured out the right option to.choose yet, to keep it at the same level it was in Audacity.

Yes, all tracks on all my songs are WAV, 32 Bit Float.

I find Audacity incredibly easy to use for me as I have close to no experience like I said but I’m forced to use another DAW when entering the Mixing process, as I am unable to use all the plug-ins I want to use on my songs. Otherwise I’d stick with Audacity completely. Also, when I try previewing a plugin I attempt to use in Audacity, it also doesn’t allow me to play the song to liaten to the preview. I basically have to add the effect and decide whether the configuration in the plugin sounds right or if not, Undo it and then guess again and listen after the fact without Previewing first.

Any help on that front?

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