Why does Audacity open two tracks when I only have one audio

I am trying to normalize an mp4 file that has one video track and one audio track according to ffmpeg 3,4,2-1. Why does Audacity open it with two tracks?

Linux Mint 18.3
Audacity 2.1.2

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Is it importing as two mono tracks, one stereo track (with two channels), or two stereo tracks, or something else?

It opens as stereo even when Audacity is set for mono.
Screenshot from 2018-05-02 09-44-23.png

I was wrong. Ffprobe does show one stream but it is stereo. Thank you for your response. Will close this thread as soon as I figure out how.

The setting in Audacity for the number of channels only affects recording. When importing audio files, they will open as mono or stereo (or multi-channel) according to the number of channels in the file, irrespective of the recording setting.

If you’re happy that your query is resolved, then I can close it for you (though usually we don’t bother locking old topics unless there is some reason why it is beneficial to do so).

It’s ok to leave it open. Thank you.