Why does Audacity make the exported Midi file larger in size?

Hello, I drag and drop a MIDI file and without making any changes I export it to another folder, but it is larger than the original one.
Obviously there are other records there. What recordings does Audacity add there?
I don’t like that. The MIDI file has everything and without those extra records there?
I see that there is a similar topic for Audio files and the topic there deviates with explanations about converting from MP3 to WAV and about the difference in Bit Rate, but here it is musical notes and a MIDI file with the same settings for strength, velocity, note length. . . .
There is nothing else here, and the exported file is larger.
Audacity adds something else that isn’t needed and without it the musical notes are the same and the smaller MIDI file loads the song exactly the same.

Rudimentary support for MIDI files was added several years ago, and no work has been done on it since then.

Currently, I would not recommend Audacity for use with MIDI, as even very basic MIDI support functions are lacking.

The developers have plans (rather I believe, hopes) to return to this development in a few years, but other projects seem to have pressing priorities.

Ok we will wait for new features :slight_smile:
We are also grateful for what you have given us
I wish only joy and health to you all

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