Why Audacity hasn't fixed Host for Record and Host for Playback

when I use Audacity on windows 11 With host setting on WASAPI I can record but if I want to playback recorded audio I must go back to host and select MME for it to playback. why isn’t Host for record and playback separated into their own Host?

Check your playback device is selected and setup correctly
Run,… Tools…Reset…configuration.
Also after changing host … restart audacity to let it pickup the change

Do you have the capability to Share Computer, so you can see what my setup is and I have tried all that I know, maybe you can show me what I am doing wrong.

Did you try other host setting for Recording and playback and restart Audacity each time you make the change, then try it.
Will windows Direct not work for both…?
You need to select the correct recording device and playback device depending on what you are doing.

Windows Direct doesn’t offer loopback and neither does MME. WASAPI offers playback and I can record But it doesn’t playback any sound with Host set at WASAPI after I have recorded I must physically change HOST to MME to get it to Payback.

What special thing are you doing that must be done using WASAPI…?
With WASAPI host did you rescan devices again… and did you restart Audacity… so it picks up your devices.
Is Speakers/Headphone not listed if WASAPI is host…??
What recording Device are you using…?
What Playback device are you using…?

Another thing… have you windows audio enhancements turned on…?? or enabled… try turning it off in windows sound settings.

Just recording Music Recording Devise is speakers/headphones audio Loopback Playback Devise is speakers/headphones audio

would be happy to give you my cell number to discuss problem

Speakers/headphones Realtek Audio Loopback record device
Speakers/headphones Realtek Audio Playback

All That being said Turning off Enhancements fixed the problem. Must of been on by system default Thank You For your Help

Yes, enhancements can cause problems…

I have a question, When I couldn’t get the Newest release of Audacity to work version 3.5.1 64 bit I downloaded version 2.2.1 and it setup fine and ran fine without turning off enhancements. I wanted to use the latest version of Audacity but had to turn off enhancements. Why would the older version work with enhancements on and the Newest would not?

Dont know, different versions will probably have different defaults set or enabled. Also older version may not know about some of the newer audio enhancement functions so not use them. I keep windows audio enhancements off and programmes like Waves etc. You can test by playing a good quality square wave tone with sharp corners on the wave both with enhancements on and then with enhancements off and look at the wavefoem in each case. With enhancements on it will be filtered and all rounded distorted waveform.