why are my waveforms so small

my waveforms appear to be very small (see attached). I don’t know why exactly this is occuring. I just got a new setup, at2020 and behringer a uphoria um2. I want to be able to use this new setup to its full potential, but i keep hitting roadblocks, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A couple of things -

That’s not too bad. The analog-to-digital converter will clip (distort) if you try to go over 0dB (1.0 or 100%) so it’s normal to leave some headroom for unexpected peaks. You can use the Amplify or Normalize effects to bring-up the level after recording.

Digital recording levels are not critical as long as you avoid clipping. Pros typically record a lot lower, around -12 to -18dB. You don’t have to leave that much headroom but that just lets you know you don’t need a “hot” digital signal. (It can be important to get a strong acoustic and analog signal to overcome acoustic and electrical noise.)

Also, you have a stereo (2-input) interface and record in mono the signals will be cut in half (by -6dB) so if the microphone is near clipping and the guitar is near clipping, the combined mix won’t clip. If you record in stereo you’ll get a higher digital signal but then you’ll have to deal with one silent channel.

So either way, you’ll have to make some adjustments, and you’re probably going to end-up making volume adjustments no matter what…

Is there a way to saturate only small peaks waveformes ?

If I use amplify that scales whole waveform.

The limiter effect or the compressor effect (with make-up gain) can bring-up the quiet parts without boosting-clipping the peaks. But of course that will alter the sound.

You probably don’t want “saturation” which is a kind of overload distortion unless you are recording an electric guitar and in that case the distortion usually comes from an amp or amp simulator.

What are you recording? Singing? Speaking? Piano? Etc.? With some sounds what you’re seeing could be normal and if you want constant volume it all starts with the performance.

We usually go mostly by what we hear, although most pro recordings are compressed and limited for a more constantly-loud sound.

I want to boost quieter parts but in a way that loud parts won’t be raised.

Here is the waveform, I’d like to increese smaller parts witout disturbing the high parts


It looks like you’ve got [u]dropouts[/u] and [u][/u] which are probably bigger problems.

I’d like to increese smaller parts witout disturbing the high parts

Read what I said above (limiter or compressor). The limiter is probably better in this situation and it’s easier to configure and use.