Whoosh sound just before my voice starts

After using noise removal, there is now a whoosh sound just before my voice starts on the recording and I can’t seem to remove it. It sounds as if my voice is going up and down. Please can someone help!! I’ve been trying different effects, but it still sounds the same or worse!

What kind of noise were you removing? It’s not unusual to get many different kinds of sound damage by over-application of Noise Removal. Koz

I was removing the background humming in between my talking. I have to leave gaps in my talking and was removing the humming between. Should I have used less noise removal? Is there something I can do to correct it?

Yes try it with a lower value on the “Noise Reduction” slider. Try reducing “attack/decay time”.

If you are still not sure, could you attach a few seconds of audio as an example? Make the first second or two only have the noise, then the rest of it should be noise mixed with speech. See How to post an audio sample .


Hi, I’ve tried the lower value on the noise reduction slider and reduced the attack/decay time, but unfortunately I still can’t seem to get it to sound right! I’m still learning how to use audacity so realise I may not have set the values correctly in the beginning. I am attaching a few seconds of my recording and you’ll see that there’s a whoosh sound that comes just before my voice comes in after the silent bits, which I’d like to get rid of if I can.

Is that sample before you applied Noise Removal? That’s what we want. Hum only, then your voice with the hum.

If you don’t know, you can Edit > Undo an effect if it does not work out and try it at different settings. That is usually better than trying to fix an effect that went wrong.