White Noise Instead of Audio THAT IS THERE!

I recorded a video and i am having static issue with my audio so i tried to import it into Audacity to fix the static noise for my video… and for some reason the program converted the video into a loud blairing white noise… I have no idea how to fix this and this is my last hope to fix this footage Audio but for some reason it just converts all my audio into white noise.

Which version of Audacity?
What format is the video file?
Does the video file have the correct file extension?
Do you have FFmpeg installed? (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#ffdown)
Did you use the “File > Import > Audio” command?

Audacity can open up a number of video formats, but to greatly expand the list, install the FFMpeg software. If you miss this step, the video may arrive as white noise trash.

Scroll down.



I believe its the newest version of audiacity, the video format is .MOD Although i did add .WAV to the end and it changed the program it opens with to music…

I dont know what extension i used and i believe i used “Import/ Raw Data” cause it wouldnt go into Audiacity any other way…

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the video format is .MOD

Where did it come from?

it changed the program it opens with to music

It did what?


I think .MOD is JVC being funny.

IIRC, it’s just an mpeg, named differently. You can just change the extension to .mpg, but not to .wav. That will result in Audacity producing white noise. If you name it .mpg, ffmpeg will extract the audio. If ffmpeg is installed, of course.