While Compiling on macOS (10.12): Status 301 Moved Permanently accessing /man

The error message below is repeated ad infinitium while following the Build.txt instructions to a T and trying to complete

xcodebuild -configuration Release install


ERROR ResponseNotReady while retrieving https://alphamanual.audacityteam.org/man
eventually this error might be recovered. let's try again.
Status 301 Moved Permanently accessing /man
      Status other than 200, 404, 500, 403. It is:  301
error recovered

Seems like it would easy enough for a user to fix–Any suggestions?

It is failing to download the source files for the manual, which could be for a number of reasons.
If you are building for your own use, then the easiest “solution” is to disable building the manual, and if you want a local copy, download / install following the instructions here: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/unzipping_the_manual.html

To disable building the manual, open the file /mac/scripts/install_manual.sh in a text editor, and add the word “exit” immediately below the comment lines at the top, like this:

# This script retrieves and build the Audacity manual

Save the file, then rebuild.

That worked–adding “exit” allowed the build process to finish–thank you!

Yes, this is for personal use, primarily in order to use the Nyquist Workbench, which the Wiki suggests can best be done by compiling version 2.1.3, which I was assiduously trying to do. Perhaps attempting to compile this older version is the problem, as it is using some outdated URL?

Indeed, could my trouble have been avoided by simply compiling the Audacity version (currently 2.2.2?) from HEAD? Perhaps I’ll try that now and find out :\

Thanks again!

Yes, that’ll be it. All of the Audacity websites now use https. The current code has been updated to handle https.

When the workbench was written, it was quite a big step up from the Nyquist Prompt. That’s not so much the case these days as the standard “Nyquist Prompt” is much more capable than it was back then. Also, you may find that the workbench is a bit buggy - the guy that wrote it is no longer actively involved with Audacity (he left on good terms, and I’m still occasionally in touch with him).

There have also been a lot of new features added to Nyquist in Audacity, which are not available in the 2.1.3 version, so while it is certainly good experience to build Audacity from the source code, for working with Nyquist I think you would be better off using the current version of Audacity. AND, there’s a whole load of new stuff coming out in the new 2.3.0 version of Audacity that is due to be released in a matter of weeks (I’m currently testing the new features).

OK, great to hear. I’ll be looking over this more: https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Release_Notes_2.3.0

I believe I have managed to get the newest version running–Audacity 2.3.0-alpha-Sep 7 2018 (but have struggled to get the Workbench compiled and running in this version, unsurprisingly). I see now that there’s a dedicated Nyquist Prompt under Tools, which of course makes perfect sense. I have even run a basic “Volume Change”

(scale 1.5 *track*)


As a Little Lisper–who wants every application to be more like Emacs, natch–I’m certainly curious to learn about the new Nyquist features! A quick visual comparison between the .lsp files in the Nyquist folder between 2.1.3 and 2.3.0 doesn’t appear to reveal major differences, but it’s entirely possible I’ve done something wrong or am not looking in the right place.

I did notice that there’s no Preview button in the Nyquist prompt in my 2.3.0 version, though it is in my 2.2.2 version. Additionally, I noticed that copying and pasting with the Nyquist prompt is a little tricky, in both of these newer versions (I had to use the “right-click” context menu to get it copied, or else, first Cut then Paste it). Not sure if that qualifies as a bug report…

Thanks again for your help!

Try this:

;type process
;version 4
;control gain "Gain" float "dB" 0 -24 24
(let ((gain (db-to-linear gain)))
  (mult *track* gain))

I’m not sure why the Nyquist Prompt has lost it’s Preview button. It may be to do with the new “Scripting” support. I’ll ask.