which wav profile is for best quality

Hi, after editing with audacity when I’m trying to save my audio file in wav format it asks for me to select a wav profile like singed 16/24/32 bit PCM etc. I’m providing a screenshot of that list -

which profile is for best quality and should i select? my recordings are conversations and very much distortions are there which i try to remove by noise reduction.

Generally, the best option is “Signed 16-bit PCM” (which is the default).
This is a high quality format that is supported by nearly all media players and audio software.

Strictly speaking “64-bit float” is the “highest quality”, but file sizes are huge (4 times bigger than a “normal” 16-bit WAV), and relatively few media players or apps support this format. 64-bit WAV is way over the top for most situations, and not recommended.

Tyvm sir