Which version of LAME dll?


Really like Audacity and use it a lot!! and have worked around any issues with it (Beta 2.1.3) so far.

Today I see an old screen-cap of RazorLame with the VBR histogram display. :sunglasses: and remember how kool it was burning a cue of WAV files.

Anyway, I go looking for LAME dll files this morning an find THREE versions out there, of various file sizes.

  • lame-3.98.2-win - (254kB)
  • lame-win-3.99.3 - (422kB)
  • lame_v3.99.5 - (721kB)
  • libmp3lame-3.99.5 x86 - (721kB)
  • libmp3lame-3.99.5 x64 - (910kB)

    As recommended I’m using v3.99.3 with Audacity, and know this isn’t a LAME or encoder shell forum.

What about pointing Audacity to a folder with the x64 DLL? Any performance boost? or it will not work? or is this a dumb question?



Audacity has a strict requirement that dynamically loaded binaries of LAME include sufficient “symbols” for optimal MP3 encoding. Audacity will refuse most arbitrary lame_enc.dll’s that you can find online but will accept most libmp3lame.dll’s (you can rename such a DLL to lame_enc.dll if you want).

You can use a 64-bit DLL but Audacity is a 32-bit application on Windows and you may not find much speed boost.


Thanks for the great reply. Is it ok to post that old screen-cap? from about 12 years ago?

Seems LAME dll is obscure today, and mostly (or only) source code is available from SF.