Which USB audio interface?

Hi all

Firstly being a noob on this form I apologise if this is in the wrong place (mods please move as appropriate!)

Ok, I’ve been out of the whole recording scene for a while and am in need of a new audio interface for my Windows 7 64bit PC. I had run with a Presonus Firebox but after seeing the second one die I lost heart and gave up.

I’ve been looking into M-Audio and I understand there are driver issues with 64bit but my needs are basically 1-2 phantom powered channels that double up as 1/4" jack for guitar/bass. Midi would be good… basically a newer version of the Firebox I guess!

It would need to be compatable with Audacity.

Any info would be really appreciated.


Firstly, have a look at this thread
which lists users’ reviews of sound cards that work successfully with Audacity.

Offhand, one unit that seems to match your requirements is the Alesis IO/2 Express, but I have no personal experience of it; I’m only looking at the specs on one supplier’s website, since the Alesis website seems to have problems at the moment.


Thanks very much!

Good price too!!!