Which tool to remove voice crackle in audio?

I recorded a DnD session with some friends recently, and I’m not sure why… I think I may have knocked my microphone and made the USB connection a little loose near the end, because on a couple instances my voice is extremely distorted (Using a Blue Snowball, recorded with OBSstudio and then converted it to mp3 to edit, the distortion is present in the original recording before the conversion).

I’m not expecting to make it crystal clear or anything, but would any of the audacity tools be useful in clearing it up a bit? I’ve included a small clip of one of the worse bits of distortion/crackling.

It’s a little weird because there seems to be a span of 10 minutes or so where my mic audio is like this, and then it stops for the last 20 minutes or so.

I’m on Windows 7 and I have Audacity 2.0.6 installed at the moment, .exe installed.

The crackle is due to skipping: intermittently tiny pieces (~1ms) are missing, (audio intermittently interrupted by another process on the computer), this usually causes discontinuity, which is the click/crackle …

There is a DeClicker plugin for Audacity which will repair the clicks, but it can’t put back the missing parts, so not a cure …

DeClicker settings used.png

Ah I’ve had this problem before when accidently recording in 60FPS when my computer couldn’t handle it, a little weird it happened this time, nothing was strenuous, and it only screwed with my mic audio, not any of the others. Though I did record on a HDD I don’t usually record to, maybe that particular drive was too slow and had an issue a couple hours in.

I’ll give this a go, thanks.