Which Mic is best suited for my Voice (Shure SM7B used so far)? With audio examples!

Dear People,

I recently started to make rap music again and as I wanted to improve my sound quality, I bought the Shure SM7B. Before that I used the Gatt Audio LD5
So I was quite happy with my new sound quality, but when I compared it to my older recordings, I noticed, that, even though my sound quality did improve, those older songs had kind of more energy. It could be due to voice changes, as my voice was higher back then. Maybe it was also caused by a more aggressive style of rapping, which wasn’t fitting to my new song, but I also thought about the possibility, that the Shure SM7B wasn’t the best fitting mic for my voice.
I read that some people, including audio engineers had problems with EQing vocals, recorded with a ShureSM7B, when they were aiming for an upfront bright vocal. As that’s how I like and want my voice to be too (I really like the sound of Eminem’s voice e.g.), I consider now buying a new microphone.

So here are two examples of my voice (with just a little compression)

Here recorded with the Shure SM7B

Here with Bass Roll Off and Presence Boost

Here with the Gatt Audio LD-5 (with roll off activated)

So I am sure quality-wise the SM7B is better, as the Gatt Audio LD 5 was much cheaper (and I know that the Gatt sounds thinner, but bear in mind that I will add effects and doubles etc.), but do you think that the Shure SM7B suits my voice?? Or does it reduce the upfront brightness too much? Which kind of microphone could you suggest to me then? The price shouldn’t be much higher than 1k, 500-1000€ is the price range I was aiming for.
The following microphones seem to be good options so far from what I’ve read and heard, but I am open to any kind of suggestions!!

Neumann TLM 102
Neumann TLM 103

Here is a picture of my recording situation:

Thank you so much!!!

IMO the flat Shure SM7B sounds better than Gatt Audio LD-5: the former handles the sibilance better.

I would still be tempted to de-ess to enable presence-boost without the sibilance becoming harsh.

You may be mismatching the performance with the microphone. The standard rock band microphone, the Shure SM-58 is indestructible, easy to use, and has a presence boost.

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 6.58.40 PM.png
Please note it’s a tonal boost on the right there and different from the ice-pick in the ear gritty, sibilant “Essing” sound some microphones have.

I’m not shocked you don’t like the SM7b. It’s a terrific microphone, but not for your performance. Put that in front of an audiobook reader…or Joe Rogan assuming he’s still using his.


Rent one.