Which filters for best tone?

Raw sample recording. With my budget equipment.

best I could do, sample.

I’d probably go a little less aggressive on the noise removal - put up with a bit of hiss and avoid the swooshing sound.

which setting on noise remove is producing the swooshing? my settings were .2

A bit of explanation about how the Noise Removal effect works.

When dealing with a good recording (the background noise is pretty quiet), the noise is only really noticeable when the sound level is very low. When the signal level (music) is houder (louder) it masks (covers up) the sound of the noise. The Noise Removal effect takes advantage of this phenomenon so as to minimise the damage that it does to the sound that you want to keep (the music) and only removes the noise during quiet periods. Providing that the recording is reasonably good quality to start with, this approach works very well.

Unfortunately the above approach does not work so well if the noise level is relatively high. In this case the noise can be heard even during the loudest parts of the music, so although the NR effect is reducing noise in the quiet bits, you can hear the noise “swooshing” back during the loud bits.

Fortunately the NR effect has an extra control that can help to mitigate this problem. If you increase the “Sensitivity” control a little (say about 4 dB) then the effect becomes “more sensitive” to noise, so the NR effect sees the noise as being louder than it really is. It therefore (correctly) thinks that the music needs to be louder in order to cover up the noise, so it reduces the noise for more of the recording.

Noise reduction is always a careful balancing act - the aim is to reduce the noise as much as possible without audibly damaging the music. If the sensitivity is turned up too high, then it will remove some of the music (particularly the high frequencies) and so make it sound dull and possibly “wobbly”.

I generally find that when the Sensitivity control is greater than 0, it is necessary to reduce the “Noise Reduction (dB)” amount and also use quite a high “Frequency Smoothing” setting (probably around 300 to 500 Hz) and a fast Attack/decay time (possibly as low as 0).

I amplified the sound before using Noise Removal.
Sorry I don’t remember the exact settings that I used - possibly something round about 14, 4, 480, 0.

Yes I feel it’s a low input power thing. Thanks