Where We are walking (project for jamming)

Hello. I haven’t real studio. I have decided to create something, because of this situation, what is currently happened. This is uncompleted song, but I have only idea. What You’ll say, if You’ll play also something to this project. Melody is simple.
But please, stop with political opinions in this topic and stop to wish somebody death. It doesn’t help people in this situation. Maybe those things are not belonged here, so I am sorry. I would like to attempt to create something to jamm.
Thank You for understanding.
P.S: I don’t know, why I can’t post aup3 project file here.

173Mb (attachments can only be 2Mb).png
If you want a musical collaboration, try uploading to ccMixter … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CcMixter

I have tried It, but problem is, that CCmixter isn’t very accessible for the blind.