Where is Truncate Silence?

I’m on MAC 10.14.6 Mojave with a recently downloaded Audacity 2.4.2. I was repeatedly and my truncate silence plug in is not in my Plug-in folder and is nowhere on my computer, and I can not find it on the Audacity Plug-in page. Where can I download this plugin? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Truncate Silence is a built-in effect. “Effect menu > Truncate Silence…”

My apology, to be more specific, Truncate is listed as an enabled Plug-in but noticed it wasnt doing anything during my Macro and subsequently when i tested it on its own. After doing some digging around I noticed the Truncatesilence.NY is not located in the plug-ins folder. Upon realizing I wanted to find it and download again so I could put it back in the folder. Not sure why it wasn’t there or why it was still showing up in my effects menu as enabled. Looking through the plug-in downloads on the wiki I can not seem to find Truncate as a download anywhere. Where can I find it? Thank you for your time

Truncate silence is not a “plug-in”. It is not a separate file - it is part of the main “audacity.exe” application.

Try this:

  1. Generate 30 seconds tone (“Generate menu > Tone”)
  2. Select the first 10 seconds
  3. “Edit menu > Remove Special > Silence”
  4. Select the final 10 seconds
  5. “Edit menu > Remove Special > Silence”
  6. Select the entire 30 seconds
  7. “Effect menu > Truncate Silence” and use the settings shown below
  8. Observe that the silence at the beginning and the end are reduced in length.

Thank you Steve for your time and patience. This was my first time using the forum so forgive me if my etiquette was a bit messed up.

It appears that putting 0.5 or another number with the decimal point allows it to function but if you leave it as, lets say, 400, it doesn’t register. The previous version didnt require the 0.# method but now that I know this works I am so grateful. Thank you Thank you!