Where is the source-code?

I’ve downloaded the audacity-master.zip file and I’m trying to find the source-code. Can you tell me which file it is and which folder it’s in? Also, your website server response time is very slow. I’ve timed out 3 times just maneuvering to register, login, and post this…

You don’t need the source code if you just want to use Audacity. Download the Audacity installer from Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

If you downloaded https://github.com/audacity/audacity/archive/master.zip, extract the contents into a new folder then you have the complete current source code in the new folder. That is the current code, between releases, so not stable.

We know, I think. We host our main web site too, after SourceForge stopped hosting the main site without warning.


Hi Gale,

I’m looking for the ‘main’ source-code file. The one main file that you would work on if you wanted to make a modification to the main program. What’s the name of that file? and where is it?

Source code does not work like that. There is no “main” file. You change one or more relevant files that are needed for the change. These are not text configuration files. These are files that have to be recompiled using Microsoft Visual Studio, making thereby a new build of the Audacity executable.

Are you trying to make some change to the interface? You can use Preferences to make certain changes.


Audacity has close to half a million lines of source code. It would clearly be impractical to have that all in one file :wink:
You can browse the source code here: GitHub - audacity/audacity: Audio Editor

Hi Gale, and Steve,

Yes, I understand that there are lots of modules/callable-subroutines/library’s of source-code, etc., But, there’s always a ‘main-driver’. It’s probably the file that invokes the initial GUI screen for the user. Anyway, I’ll install MS visual studio and see if I can get into the source that way. I did see some source-code by using the link that Steve included. Thanks!

Your server seems to be a little bit faster now. Still very slow, but it isn’t quite as slow as it was earlier. :slight_smile:

Great product, by the way. I’m a long-time user of Audacity…

I don’t think it’s Audacity’s server.

I had a slowdown on my connection less than an hour ago. Even lost a post I was writing. Checked the connection and there was a routing problem. Not only with Audacity’s site, but with some other sites too. DuckDuckGo, fi.

There are several attacks goin’ on since about three weeks. DNS hijacking, bgp routing poisoning, DDOS… Maybe that’s what you are seeing?

Positive Grid’s (a popular plugin maker) website seems infected for some users. It is not the website an sich, but some users get CryptoLocker installed. And that’s a really bad one, locking all your files for a ransom. I’m guessing some dns servers got poisoned and are sending some users to a copy that has a CryptoLocker drive-by infection. It seems they are targeting Australian, US and Canadian visitors.

Be careful out there!

Are you trying to change the “Welcome to Audacity” screen? We can’t help you unless you say what you are trying to do. If you have any questions about compiling Audacity, please post in the “Compiling Audacity” board Compiling Audacity - Audacity Forum.