Where is the help on this arrow restriction?

Hi, I attached a picture that has an arrow to the issue. I set the pointer to record from a select spot but this arrow span stops the recording. I can’t find it in my google searches etc. What is it called? Where / how do I find it in the help?


You can start here: Selection Tool

and here: Timeline

If you just want to get back to what you were doing, press the Skip to Start button on the Transport Toolbar

The grey highlighted area in the “Timeline” indicates the “selected region”.
The double headed arrow within the highlighted region indicates the “play region”.

The correct way to do that is to just click (do not “click + drag”, just a single left mouse button click) on the blue wiggly waveform. That will set the start point for play / record.

If you click and drag, it defines a region with a start point and a stop point. For the recording to continue indefinitely, you need just a start point and no stop point.

Thanks Steve,

I eventually figured out that simply re-clicking on the track fixed the stop point issue I was having.

I am going to store all the info you gave (including the help links) in a place that will prevent me from forgetting but not remind me too too often. I now realize that having a stop point might actually be handy in that it could eliminate #1 below.

This issue drove me to dig deeper and discover how to get back to recording another take a lot faster with this sequence.
1/ press the space bar to stop the recording.
2/ press ctrl+Z to erase the most recent recording attempt (make sure prior takes are saved to disk).
3/ press Shift+R to restart recording again from the start point.


That’s exactly how I do it :smiley:

Cool :smiley: There is hope for me yet :smiley:

Today after listening to my most recent recording I realize that setting a stop point is not such a good idea for my situation.