Where is Audacity installed?

Can you edit the security settings of that folder?
Is there an unknown user with some permissions?

Cannot alter. They are
not real folders - they are shortcuts -per the pop up notices. If I click in the pop up, it leads to stuff that is all grayed out and I cannot make any changes. So I wonder why these “folders” even exist.

Provided your log in name is Charlie the folder at the very top of your search list is the “real” one. If you right click it and select properties you can verify its true location ( which could be moved if required ). Note that there are many links both to this folder and to others with the same name and icon so always navigate to c:\users\charlie to do this. If you check the security tab you should find that you have full permissions on the folder and if you don’t you would probably need to take ownership of the folder ( disable inheritance if necessary) and cascade that to all child objects before giving full control to yourself and removing any conflicting entries.