where did my reverb effect disappear to

hi, new to audacity and forum. Three questions

  1. When recording in the past ( a couple of times ) i’ve been able to add reverb from the effects menu. At times the reverb doesn’t show up in the effects menu.
  2. Once reverb is added to an overdub I can’t remove it. I’ve tried the undo reverb but it has no affect.
    I’ve also gone to the reverb menu and zeroed out the sliders with no affect.
  3. In the effects menu when should the repeat effect be used?
    I’m using the 3.1.3. audacity and yes I have highlighted the affected areas.
    thanks much Joe B

Once the project has been saved and closed UNDO is no longer possible: as effect history is not saved.

Repeat in the effect menu repeats the selected audio, like repeatedly using copy-paste, but quicker.

Thanks for the input. I’m not sure if I had previously saved the overdub reverb before I tryed to remove it. Will have to check that out. As far as the Repeat Effect function goes , not sure I fully understand if I need to implement it when applying it to an overdub I’m working on.
Once again thanks.

Hi all.
Where did my reverb go ? In messing around with the settings i found out that somehow my reverb became disabled. Switched it on now it appears in the effects menu and works fine. As far as not being able to cancel reverb I find that i can remove it before it is saved, so thanks for that suggestion.