Where did my menu bar go?

Hi! After re-starting my computer this last time ( I usually have it sleep, but periodically restart to make sure updates get installed. ) my menu bar had disappeared. HELP! I can’t do ANYTHING if I can’t even open the song I want to edit! Thanks!

What version of Audacity and Mac OS are you using? Has the menu bar disappeared in Audacity only, or in all applications? Is it the Audacity project window that has obscured the menu bar?
– Bill

From what I see in Finder, I’m running Audacity version My Mac OS is 10.12.6. It is only in Audacity that my menu bar is missing. Everything else on my computer is as it should be. I wondered if perhaps my computer automatically updated to the new version of Audacity that came out in February, but I couldn’t find any sign of that in Finder. But I don’t recall there being a record button with the Play/Pause/Stop/Etc controls before this either. Obviously something got changed when I re-started my computer. As I mentioned, I normally just have my computer sleeping when not in use. But periodically I do a re-start because some updates require that. I’m really at a loss here.

OK, I was being stupid. For some reason it was opening into full screen mode, which hides the menu bar, obviously. But then the bar wouldn’t show up when I hovered at the top corner. Now it does. Sigh. Computers are out to get me. I SWEAR! LOL :stuck_out_tongue: