Where are the Recorded Files stored ?

Can someone please tell me where to look for reordered audio. After I record I can’t seem to locate the mp3s.


Dave -

The basic process is to record a performance which Audacity stores as blue waves on the timeline.
Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 6.03.44 PM.png
Then you either File > Export a sound file, or File > Save an Audacity Project. Either Export or Save will ask you where you want it to put the files. I use the Desktop as a “neutral, safe” place and move them around later.

Further, Audacity will naturally Export a perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file, stereo (two blue waves) or Mono (one blue wave). If you want to produce a reduced-quality, compressed MP3 file you have to add software to Audacity.

Scroll down to Plug-ins and Libraries > Lame MP3 Encoder.



If you get the blue waves but don’t either Export or Save, the show will be lost when you close Audacity.


Thanks for all info., Koz
Another question I wanted to know is the echo enabled by default ? I wanted to try it but it was grayed out and said current ftate was enabled…

Audacity is a post production editor. It always records perfect with the idea you are going to add effects, corrections and processing to the recorded show later, after you get done performing.

Audacity doesn’t do anything but simple record while you’re performing.


Oh I see…thanks for all your help.