Where are all the Export Output Formats defined?

Where can I find the Audacity output formats. IEEE 754 defines the format for a Signed 32-bit Float sample. Is that what Audacity uses for its Signed 32-bit PCM output? Also for all of the other 16 formats shown in the Export feature. Also does Audacity set the maximum absolute value of the output samples for any Export to be 1? If not then what? Having known formats would be helpful in writing software to manage files created from the Audacity Export feature.

For uncompressed formats, see: libsndfile : Supported formats
For compressed formats, look up the official specifications for the formats you are interested in.

Thank you. That helps. I saw a conversion table for IEEE 754 Signed 32-bit Float to decimal. It used big endian representation of the 32-bit sample but there was no discussion of endianess in that article. Endianess is apparently not specified in these formats. Audacity provides an endianess option on file import (otherwise it could not read the file correctly) but not export. So my next question is what does it provide on export?

WAV exports are little-endian, as per the standard

Thank you again. Does the little-endian apply to all other export formats available (beside WAV)?

Audacity follows the standards. I doubt that anyone here knows all the specifications for all of the supported formats off the top of their head. Just look up the standards with a Google search.