When will the logo be updated

just wondering if the logo will become flat, material design or a new design :slight_smile:

The logo will probably be updated to a “flatter” version eventually, assuming that the current fashion for flat logos does not suddenly change.
The current logo has very strong brand recognition, so it is unlikely to change beyond recognition.
We are currently updating the main website, so it may happen sooner rather than later, though for most of the Audacity developers and users, improving the software is a much more important priority.

Hi Jigga,

I guess project folks would be (more or less) open to a new logo if it has very few changes… like a smooth change of color and minimal changes in stroke… but this is just my guess! Every change needs to be done with a huge lot of thinking and will take, for sure, a lot of time and discussion because the project logo is being used for quite some time now and it is widely popular/recognizable.

But this is just my 2c. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I also miss a more modern logo.
Let’s see if we can join forces and do a contest or good proposals with minimum changes to it.

Thank you.

The Audacity logo was update 8 Feb 2018.
This is the new logo:

The high resolution SVG file is available in the source code: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/blob/master/images/Audacity_Logo_large.svg