When recording, I suddenly can't hear any consonant sounds at the beginnings of words

I do voice-over audio work, and my computer died last week. I just got a new one, and I can’t seem to get my recording quality back to what it was. For example, if I say the “t” sound over and over again, it can’t even be heard. “t-t-t-tap” will only play back…“____ ap”. I thought maybe my microphone went bad, so I just bought a new one, and the same thing is happening. It’s almost as if there is some sort of noise gate that is removing the beginning of words, but I haven’t place and noise gate effects. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Multiple projects due in a matter of days. Thank you!

Windows “audio enhancements” can include a noise-gate
[Windows update can re-enable “audio enhancements”].

That’s probably the worst problem. Microsoft comes in when you’re not looking to do “upgrades” to “help you.”

There’s no win here. If you prevent the machne from going on line for the forced upgrades, you don’t have any way to post your work to the client.

I’m a big proponent of not recording on the computer. You haven’t hit all the odd things Windows machines can do. Do you use Zoom or other chat application? Make sure it’s off before you start to record.


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