When importing background track the quality sounds very bad

I’m new to Audacity. I’m using 2.1.3 on a mac os 10.12.6

I’m trying to record self hypnosis programs. I recorder my voice with a samson usb mic, this part worked great and got the hang of editing and removing background noise.
When I imported the background music (that has alpha brain bits), it is showing and playing it on a separate track (as it should) but the quality is extremely bad to a point it very unpleasant. I adjusted the track volume but stil, there is a huge difference in quality when I listen to it in Itunes compared to here.
I tried exporting the following formats: M4A, WAV,aiff,mp3 all of them at 44100hz

Any advice on how to get over this.
also, do you recommend “mix and render”?

Thank you

By “extremely bad”, do you mean that it sounds “distorted” (like when you turn the volume up too loud)?
If you import the track into a new, empty, Audacity project (with no other tracks), does it sound OK?