when importing an MP3 file from OBS and trying to play it in audacity all I get is one loud screech sound

Alright so I have a problem I can’t find any fix for online, cam here to see if anyone could help me.
I recorded a few videos off OBS and learned that I could edit the audio files through Audacity.
When I drag and drop the files to Audacity all I get is a few second of a very loud distorted screech. https://prnt.sc/qitmnd
Now I have downloaded and made sure Audacity works with FFM Peg.
When I remux the file through OBS I get this. https://prnt.sc/qito69
Now all files are MP3 files and I have searched up everywhere for a fix for this, seemingly I can’t find one.
I’m new to Audacity and OBS but I learned how to do this from a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwFjBHaXjDE
I have follow their instructions to the T, and I got no idea what maybe be wrong, and why this is not working.
Thank yo so much for any help, I wish to solve this problem rather soon.

I think before you go galloping off in all directions, it might be good to know what you really have. Windows isn’t particularly good at telling you by itself, so you might try Media Info.


You can also force Windows to reveal the filename extensions. Windows will present “MySoundFile” to you when it’s real name is MySoundFile.wav. Hiding the dot extensions is graceful and handy until something goes wrong.

This will change depending on your computer type.

Hidden File Extensions Revealed - Windows
– Start > My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > [ ] Hide Extensions for Known File Types (deselect)
– Apply (to this folder) or Apply to All Folders
– OK


EDIT my bad they are MP4 files not MP3 files.

Can you play this MP4 file with Windows Media Player (or other media player software)?

Even though you “know” it’s an MP4, I still recommend checking the file with MediaInfo. If it was a normal-valid MP4 file, Audacity with FFmpeg should be able to open it.

(I don’t know anything about OBS.)

Yes I can play the files with VLC Media Player.

Good!!! In that case VLC can extract the audio: Media → Convert/Save.

If you are going to edit the file (with Audacity, etc.) extract to a lossless format (WAV or FLAC) to prevent unnecessary multiple generations of lossy encoding, even if you eventually want a lossy format.

(VLC also uses FFmpeg but it may use a different version/variation or other additional CODECs, or something could be messed-up with your Audacity-FFmpeg installation.)

Thank you very much, seems to be working now.