When I opened the audacity file the already recorded audio in the lanes sound awful

I was recording a song with 13 lanes of audio and one day when I opened it it sounds horrible. Like the audio was recorded with a towel covering the microphone. Last time the audio that was already recorded sounded very clear and all of a sudden that same audio sounds bad when it is played back to me. This didn’t happen with the other projects I had, even with the ones that had like 17 lanes of audio. One thing I noticed is that the bar that moves across the screen as the audio is being played back to you is moving not smoothly at all and is teleporting and glitching but this is not happening with my other projects. I tried exporting the audio in mp3 but it sounds bad. I also updated Audacity to the most recent version and it didnt do anything. Is my audio ruined?
log.txt (1.6 KB)

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