When I click to monitor input level, only input on left?

-Audacity 2.0.5 Windows 7

I would like input to come from both left and right.
Recording a track with the Focusrite 2i2, using a Samson R31S mic.

Thank you if anyone can help, i’m eager for a response to my e-mail. As this is my first post on the Audacity Forum.

Plug the mic into channel 1 (left channel) of the Focusrite,
then set Audacity to record “1 channel (mono)” in the device toolbar.

“Mono” tracks play through both left and right (like listening to a mono radio show on a stereo radio).

I have the mic plugged into channel 1, with Mono in the device toolbar. This is what I see.

Do you seen anything that could be triggering this to happen, in the attached image?

Thank You,

The focusrite has two independent channels, so for recording a mic that is plugged into channel 1, that looks correct.
If you record that into Audacity with the “channels” set to “1 (mono) Input Channel” (as in your screenshot), that should record the left channel of your focusrite as a mono channel. On playback it will play through both left and right speakers equally.

If that really bothers you, you can record a stereo show with the microphone on the left. Use the drop-down menus from the left of the track and Split Stereo to Mono. [x] Delete the silent track. Duplicate the remaining active track, Edit > Duplicate and then using the left-hand drop-down menus again, Make Stereo Track.

That’s not strictly stereo because the show is exactly the same on both sides, but there is a Left and Right now. If you need to mix into and out of stereo music, this may be easier to think about.

The Scarlett is not a mixer. It’s a straight digitizer. Put something in left (channel 1) and it records left.

If you make that single-track audio show be officially “Mono,” then stereo systems will play it on both speakers.


Funny, I have the opposite problem… I can monitor in stereo, but click record only get left channel… this after visiting preferences and making sure i have 2 channel stereo selected. ???
Any help on this one, or a location to find it.