When going into files audacity doesn't respond?

When going into the drop down menu files and clicking save/save as/open/export/import it freezes audacity. This happens on an empty window so it isn’t my project size. I’m using 2.4.2 currently.

This first happened when I was trying to export a mp3 file, I was trying to go into another folder using the drop down menu but it froze when I tried, now it won’t even let me get into the file window.

With saving as a normal audacity file it only lets me get as far as the project type warning and then it stops responding.

I think the lack of replies is because you are describing a unique and unknown problem.
Does everything else appear to work correctly, other than saving and exporting?

Where are you trying to save / export to?

This sounds as though the administrator or a virus checker is trying to keep you from saving any files.

Have you tried rebooting your machine?