What's wrong with this mp3?

Can you tell me what is wrong with this mp3 file and if its possible to fix or just wasting my time? :slight_smile:

Players VLC, FooBar200, and now Audacity.

This music file worked fine before, I’m not sure what changed. I stored the mp3 files on hard drive as back up but after some time, half the audio files sound like this.

It sounds OK to me. There’s a LOT of sub-bass, but that genre is supposed to sound like that.
Maybe that a Windows-update has activated audio-enhancements which are making it sound bad on your machine.
Here’s how to switch enhancements off … https://youtu.be/sxnUjiGgBaI

If the problem is just too much sub-bass for your taste, you can attenuate it with equalization
-9dB bass-cut shelf.png