What's next

when I get through recording and editing my podcast what do I do next?

Ensure that you export a WAV file for backup purposes.

Next you need to Export in a format suitable for the Podcast server that you intend to use (usually CBR MP3), or if you intend your podcasts to be for download only (not streaming), the Export in whatever format you want.

If you want to use a Podcast service for streaming your podcast, but haven’t chosen one yet, I’d suggest that you start with a free one (there’s a lot to choose from). As you get better at podcasting you may want to ditch your first podcast site and start afresh.

what do I do next?

What’s your goal? That’s actually in two steps. The first immediate goal is File > Export your show as a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file as a safety backup. Copy it to somewhere safe.

You should have exported your raw live-recording as a WAV file in case Audacity blew up during editing.

Now, at the end of all that, what do you plan to do with your show?