What will happen to different sounds entering different ears at same time?

So lets say, I play white noise in my left ear and I play affirmations in right ear. In audacity I use pan to make the white noise come from left channel and I use pan to make affirmations come from right channel. And I adjust the loudness to make the affirmations inaudible.

When these sounds enter the brain, what exactly does the brain do, does it only focus on the loud sound and ignore the faint sound?

You can try it… Open two mono files in the same project and pan one left and the other right.

Your brain won’t automatically ignore it but I usually find it difficult to “hear” and talk on the phone in a noisy environment so will cover the other ear.

I suspect your brain will try to hear whatever isn’t noise.

Even with pure noise sometimes people “hear voices” like we sometimes see shapes in clouds. ( EVP)

Personally, I would find it annoying… :wink:

This is an idea I’m considering to make subliminal. If the loud noise in one ear is masking the normal sound in the other ear, I’m hoping it would bypass the conscious mind and go directly into the subconscious mind.

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