What settings can I use to record something I typed on a text-to-speech site?

My guesses-
MME?, Microphone (Voice Ch Virtu), 2 stereo recording channels, Speakers (Realtek Audio)

So you if you use MME, you will have t find a device “StereoMix” or similar. Many computers do not have this.

You are left with using HOST: WASAPI, recording device “Speakers (loopback)”

I’ll see what the date is.
I just know that I’ve been using this version for 5 years, and suddenly, for the first time,
it stopped working last night and still isn’t working.
Are you saying that what the 4 major controls are set at, doesn’t matter?

I’m using Audacity 3.1.3

Any other help would be greatly appreciated.


Date? date…date…

No I never said that. Actually, with Host set to WASAPI, and Recording device set to “Speakers (loopback)”, you will want to select channels as 2 (stereo).

The current version is 3.3.3, which you can download from here: Audacity ® | Downloads. So you are right. Audacity 3.2 saw the introduction of the Audio Setup button, which hides those things I think you are talking about. Even so, I don’t think you need to set anything for your Playback device, as it is not being used in this situation, at least not until you start to play something back.

OK; so we are having fun chatting ?

When you say is isn’t working - what is it doing ? Are you getting an error message ? Do you want to post a screenshot /

To be clear,

change MME to “WASAPI”
change your microphone to “Speakers (loopback)”
set your channels to “2 (stereo)”
keep your playback device at “Speakers”

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