what microphone is good for my job? [Closed]

Hello everyone
I record tutorial videos from my mobile screen using android screen recorder
I explain the videos with my own voice and i need a microphone for this

My environment is very noisy

My budget is = 50 $

My phone model is = Poco x3 NFC

Plz suggest a earset microphone like “Rode HS2” or “JK MIC-J 071S” for my android phone that have noise cancelling and it’s fit my budget

I’m afraid of that buy “JK MIC-J 071S” and it have noise or do not connect to my phone

Plz only suggest Double Earset Microphone - i don’t like Lav microphones

Audacity is an audio editing program. Do you have an Audacity question?


Try doing a Google search for: “Double Headset Microphone review”
That will show a lot of relevant pages.

Topic closed as the question is not relevant to Audacity.