What is this type of distortion called? No luck removing with de-clip / de-click / compress

Would you call this “crackle”? I’ve tried this tool, although perhaps I’m using the wrong settings (just tried the defaults and then small tweaks)

Maybe a lost cause :joy:but fun to try - thanks!

Even after reducing the crackle with a $tore-bought declick plugin,
it still has an incurable stuttery quality …


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Nice!! I mean, that is much better - hmm. Maybe I need to keep at it with the de-click tool from Paul. Thanks for the upload and taking a look!

I’m calling this Keyed Noise. Crackle that only presents during the performer’s voice. That makes it almost impossible to fix. Step one is split the noise from the performers voice which traditionally is impossible.

However we appear to have solved one of these for one poster by changing the USB microphone cable. You didn’t say how you were recording, but are you using a USB microphone?

The worst thing you can say right now is that you’re fixing it for a friend and have no idea how they’re recording their voice.

This might be the third instance of this problem which puts it Bug Adjacent. Evil behavior reliably experienced by multiple different people on multiple different machines.


Lol! “Keyed Noise” good word for it, that makes sense. I’m going to say the worst thing, which is I’m fixing for a friend and have no idea how it was recorded - a long presentation with multiple presenters / not easy to re-record. It’s usable as-is, so not the end of the world.

@Trebor which store-bought plugin did you use to get that result?

Your crackles are too brief to be detected by Paul-L’s de-clicker,
even when pushed to its limit.

Darn - makes sense thanks!

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